Film review.  Zootopia (2016 directed by Byron Howard & Rish Moore)

Naturally, a small rabbit cannot lift the heavy loads as the elephant can do it well. The slow-moving sloth shouldn’t work as a receptionist. And there is not any discrimination. So, what does message “believe in yourself” mean? The rabbit shouldn’t spend plenty of time for getting a fighter or a policeman. In a sense, it’s a violence against own nature.    

But life will not be interesting if we do not change the roles of societal groups.


It is just an animated tale, but every tale is always about people. The allegory and metaphor are the best ways to illustrate who we are and where we are going. I found something true in this, no doubt, a thought-provoking feature film.

Zootopia is the inspirational city, place where dreams become true and everyone can be what he wants. It’s a territory of paradox, where predator and prey animals live together in harmony. City’s different terrains (like including the frozen tundra and the misty rainforest) symbolize the diversity of our world and people of which it is composed.

The paradox adds a bright color and a little mystery to our life. Only here in Zootopia, the rabbit can obscure the fox. Only here, even the sloth can be a fast driver and the giraffes can have a special lift for serving the drink in the bar.

Probably brave but definitely – Zootopia is the prototype of a real world and it is all in our hands – make our city perfect. Some of us have a strong manner from nature, some of us are just “pray”. In any case, the human race overcomes an own nature and creates the culture for a better life. Eventually, even in real life, we could see as tigers who’ve been taught to snuggle with lambs, and cats and dogs snuggling.

Let’s summarize some recipes of creating the ideal world according to the film. So, the main hero Bunny Hopps does search nothing for herself. Hopps’ focus is on what she can do for the city. By the strange accident, she cooperates with a cunning, tricky, sly, crafty fox. So, right, the fox has stolen, but that does not mean he is a thief. Sometimes we do bad, but that does not mean we are bad in essence. All of us need a second chance.

There are some critical points. To dig any deeper into, the plot of this movie is primitive. The melting-pot big city is an urban jungle in which the animals rule everything. Perhaps elephants and mice inhabit in one city but in different houses or districts. To be honest, all stereotypes about various animals are to some extent true. The carnivores eat herbivores because it’s in their nature.

Naturally, a small rabbit cannot lift the heavy loads as the elephant can do it well. The slow-moving sloth shouldn’t work as a receptionist. And there is not any discrimination. So, what does message “believe in yourself” mean? The rabbit shouldn’t spend plenty of time for getting a fighter or a policeman. In a sense, it’s a violence against own nature.

But life will not be interesting if we do not change the roles of societal groups. Okay, the statistic shows, the rabbit has never been a policeman. But the people are not a statistic. All of us have a great hidden potential.

Bunny Judy has 225 siblings. It’s a big family but she isn’t satisfied. She goes forward in order to find bigger family, to find a whole world. As it turned out, the peace and friendship need a lot of a hard work. To be fearless and persistent are the best ways to overcome discrimination.

From Greek, the utopia is the imagined place which is not on the map of the real world but I’m sure, this place is located on the map of our hearts. A true reality is based on an imagination and fantasy. A new world where people will be able to live peacefully and the lion will just lie down with the lamb. Give each other paw of help… I mean hand of help.

Answers to myself

Recently, I am used to ask myself and try to give answers in English. I suppose, all of us sometimes need self-reflection.

What super power do you choose to have?

Worth to say, this question improves my imagination and reminds me some cartoons that I’ve watched before.

Frankly, I would like to be able to shapeshift, to transform my body into animate creatures or an inanimate thing.

How is it to be a fish or a bird? Have you ever asked yourself? I have done it in my youngest days. I wondered, what the shark fills while she is chasing her victim. How deeply can swordfish swim in the Pacific Ocean? How high can I up like a courage eagle?

I mean, it will be great to change own form of existence depending on the situation. I would be whatever and wherever I want to be. Moreover, the ability to transform into fly, ant, lion, can save my life in the dangers situations.

If I were a shape-shifter I might have the many identifications. Therefore, I would like to try living different life. For a reason understanding a people, animals or other creatures. It would make me more sensible and kinder to others. Just imagine. It must be fantastic travel to an unknowing area of the big world. There are new perspectives to be a hero who saves the world.

To summarize, all of us need the useful game as “Whom could I be?” not for disappointment and frustration but for extending own worldview. I can’t be a dolphin who jump above water. I will never be an elephant who knows the secret traps of jungle. I even can’t be the table which is used by a laureate of Nobel Price of literature. But fortunately, I can be all of it in my imagination.

A disappointment you had

Needless to say, everyone has some disappointment during the life. All of us has fallen but not all of us still stays alive after this.

Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Everything that doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”.

The successful people stay unbroken in time of frustration. If to look at this problem more deeply, it is getting clear, the crisis is a special period of life for discovering real world how it is.

On the point of breakdown, we recognize own possibilities and become thankful for what we have and who we are.

Once I have had not pass the Ph.D. exam of philosophy. It was a big disappointment for me. But I knew, although I fail examination I have gained new information, fresh instruments for overcoming this challenge. I experienced a format of the exam, type of questions from professors etc.

I understood that failure is like sign which shows us that we are not ready yet. All in good time. My knowledge became better after my intensive preparation to the exam. It was like a game. I understood that I can. I was proud of myself. And of course, I passed the examination.

This story with exam teaches me that the success without force doesn’t give us any satisfaction.

Which is best: interesting dream job or well-paid job?

In the first place, I think this question is very interesting, controversial and important. At the same time, this issue is not simple and can only be answered from an unusual perspective.

Let me introduce my own point of view about this topic.

Quality of our lives requires the everyday choices based on personal value. We are spending a great amount of time at the job. Of course, choosing a career, profession or a job has impact on our future.

So, what is better, the well-paid job or a loved low-paid job?

I would like to begin with one little story about my close friend Adam. He was a hard-working boy, but unfortunately, he had a meager wage. Moreover, he couldn’t make the correct planning of own schedule. Adam really wasn’t the open-minded man and he didn’t demand a better salary for himself. He just lost time.

Now, Adam is a poor alcoholic man without any perspective. This was a result of ignoring of profitable orientation. Basically, money is a goal of any job. That’s why I prefer the well-paid job to dream job.

There are those who argue that world stays on the love, particularly on love what we do. They say “do what you love and love what you do”. But for me, it’s selfish and egoistic approach. Because well-paid job means people need it.

I don’t like the expression “we live only once and our occupation must be only for pleasure”. In my opinion, it is a more emotional approach to business. Yes, it is true to say that we have to receive satisfaction by doing a job, but not only that.

Maybe it will be surprising for you, but the life sometimes is not simple. The human existence is a strict struggle for a place in the Sun. The money is an equivalent to our successes. In addition to this, money is something that pushes us forward.

It must be said that, well-paid job gives us more duty, demands to shape out our strict schedule. It is my belief, the good money motivates to be active and self-developed. Although, we really have to avoid routine.

The good money encourages to travel, open new horizon ultimately it saves time. An example of this is that my another friend Eric looked for a good job for a long time, but now he has a rest in the United Arab Emirates. Not bad, isn’t it?

Needless to say, that money is really important. In conclusion, I believe that a good-paid work is a great trigger for the development of all world as well as personality. I propose to combine the work for pleasure and the work that we must do for our self-discipline.

Why do successful and rich people choose downshifting?

According to Wikipedia, the downshifting is a social behavior in which individuals are fleeing from stress, overtime, the psychological expense of a fast lifestyle. Very a lot people do not want to participate in the rat race, in this useless, endless, pointless pursuit.

I have own position on this issue. It is correct that we have to keep a balance between leisure and work. We should work to live but not live to work. I also agree that we really need relationships more than an all-consuming pursuit of economic success. But, it seems to me that, in a way, the downshifting is an escape from real problems and challenges. I believe that challenges should be taken but not to run away from them.

One of the main arguments for downshifting is that in 21 century we can afford ourselves to avoid hard work and to make own dream reality. I share this position because nowadays we really have all we need. However, we must do something, we should move on. Arthur Schopenhauer said that goal is nothing, but the movement is everything.

If you want to do something you should focus on and keep concentration. Sorry, but moving to some rural locations for simple living isn’t a good way to problem-solving. All we have is a long-term result of the work of a civilized society. I think we should appreciate it and make a contribution to the development of civilization. Some people hate city and industrialization whereas they enjoy the benefits of civilization. For me, it is ambiguous and hypocritical.

It is clear that the downshifting is a natural reaction to exhausting, modern repetitive lifestyle that has no time for relaxation or enjoyment. Undoubtedly, we need relaxation, but relaxation can’t be of our everyday life.

Famous author and scientist Paul Ulasien said: “No matter what you do in the rat race, success is not certain but if you do nothing, failure is”. Perhaps, we are rats, but at least we have some sense of life.

To sum up, there is no need for radical change in the approach to the lifestyle. Should just revisit timetable and give yourself more time to rest.

Describe a person who has had an influence on you.

For me, the person who had a big influence on me is my older cousin Taras. Among all of my relatives and friends, he had always been the only smart and active.

First of all, he has been influencing on me since my childhood. Need to say that Taras wasn’t prodigy or genius, however, his effort and positive attitude to the life allowed him to be the best.

I learned about exchange students program from Taras. With a help of him, I started to study English.

I remember, in our younger days, we had a rest on the Black Sea. When we have got lost in an absolutely unknowing city he calmed me down and without any panic found the right way.

He was always troubleshooting and problem-solving boy. He could make the right decision quickly, besides his possibility to stay cool in an extreme situation impressed me.

Nowadays, he is working as customer support in one of the biggest companies in L’viv. He has well-paid job. His high salary allows him to travel a lot.

Taras’ parents were just employee. He didn’t have special conditions for development. But he deeply believed in the better future.

To sum up, Taras is successfully convinced, boy. He is a good etalon for following. Thanks to such people as he pushed up us to success and better life in particular.

What treat of character you haven’t but you would like to own?

I would like to have the endurance. The ability to do a long-time job is very important for me.

However, I have a problem with that so as a lot of my friends. I suppose a capacity to do something during the long period is common global issues.

I like aphorism: “the biggest happiness is to divine into the everyday work”. Concentrating is a principle of meditation, tranquil and just happy life. In addition, focusing on something is very professional quality. The world needs the profound people who can pay attention to details.

In my opinion, endurance is one of the most useful virtues today. This kind of temper refers not only to efficiency but also to personal features and virtues. Besides, treat of character shapes our ethic orientations and moral values.

Unfortunately, I haven’t this treat of character well-developed enough. But I try to improve my possibility to do something profoundly.

Why do people move from rural to urban areas? What problems can this cause?

It is natural that a lot of people find a place under the sun. Some people prefer the urban style of life to rural. In contrast, another people want to escape from a terrible noisy town. Let’s find out it.

It is a well-known fact that majority of money is placed in the big cities. It is not only about money. The matter is the urban areas are proposing a wide spectrum of perspectives. But, the process of moving to the cities also has disadvantages.

The people who move to urban area are faced with the problems. Mainly, there are difficulties associated with adaptation to new conditions, problem with self-identification and loss of slow contemplative happy life.

Nowadays, in contrast, we can see a tendency to the downshifting. That is escaping from urban “rat race”, the everlasting pursuit of money and success.

However, the city has more possibility than the village. Obviously, we should search the better place for a comfortable life. Expressing ourselves is really so much important for each of us.

Tell me about your favorite period of time.

Our favorite period of time can give us inspiration and motivation to all of us. Each of us has the best memories. Allow me, to tell about mine.

I remember, spending my time in the Carpathians during English Summer School “Veselka” 2010. I was crazy about studying in Ukrainian Catholic University. I loved training camps especially.

In “Veselka”, except the possibility to speak with English native speakers, I had amusing tutoring, educational conversation with interesting smart teachers.

Studying process was fun. We played plenty of the board games. I was involved in the theatrical and musical contests. Also, I was engaged to the local camp newspaper.

We had a lot of physical activities such as: hiking to the mountains, frisbee, baseball. Also, I ate marshmallows near the campfire and slept right on the bridge over the river for the first time. I found a lot of new friends and I am still in touch with them.

Yes, I know that it was my best time, but I believe everything will be still ahead.

What the world be like in 100 years

It is said that our current life depends on the imagination of future. Well, this question is useful even for understanding of modernity.

I’m sure, that next 100 years are going to be more informational oriented. What is more, gradually robots will do all our routine work. Except that, vegetarianism will be wide spread. Furthermore, attitude to animals will be better. Even, African countries will reach an economic prosperity.

In the same time, globalization will lead to a disappearance of national languages. Unfortunately, the world will have lost its own unique identification. Nevertheless, there will be the one understandable, comfortable language. Also, we will see growing quantity of people who want to live in eco settlements.

I believe in progress. Yes, progress is inconsequent and unstable but people are really becoming more smart, more kind and humane. I’m optimist but for realizing that we should be hard-working and responsible for all planet. For that, let’s start with promoting equality and freedom of speech.

Some people think that dangerous sport should be banned, while other people think should be free to choose. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In twenty-first century, we can see the diversification of everything including the various sports. But not all type of sports is a good or useful. There are those who want to ban an extreme sport because of saving people’s life. Let me express my own position about that.

I should say, all people are divided into those who want to ban and who want to give freedom. For me, personally, the forbidding is bad stuff. Every time, when I hear about prohibit, I imagine the Nazi party in Germany.

But this question is really debatable. On the other hand, those are right who say that the saving of the human life is the most important. If the ban saves the lives or health, it will be justified.

Nevertheless, such kind of taboo is very often a reaction to fear of the new things. But it is no reason to express own fears in this way. For instance, I don’t like the extreme sport such as parkour, I even don’t understand this sport. But, maybe somebody is crazy about this and it is the meaning of his life.

In conclusion, the possibility to choose is basic of human rights and development of each of us.

The prevention of health problem and illness is more important than treatment and medicine. The government should reflect this. To what extent do you agree?

When I studied at the department of “physical therapy”, this question was the most important. Sometimes people come to the doctor, but it’s too late because our health depends on the habits such as morning exercise, healthy eating or running.

I completely agree with this point of view that leading a healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent health problems. Moreover, physical activity or sports make us happy. I’m a good example of that. I’m forty-five and thanks to physical activity I have no problems with health.

Obviously, it doesn’t mean that traditional treatment has no sense. Vice versa, if medicine cooperates with organizations which represent the physical educational system, situation with the health of the population will be becoming better. As follows, the government will save a lot of money. No doubt, the prevention is chipper then treatment.

In the end, a community of healthy lifestyle should press on the government for enacting right lows. If we explain about importance of prevention of illness, be sure, the government will reflect this.

When you were taught a lesson by a child

Life is the mystery around us. Who knows where a good advice will come from.

Whether can kids teach us something or not? It is a big philosophical question. Let’s figure out it.

Once a wise man said: “Everyone is our teacher.” What does exactly he mean by?

I have taken the answer to this question in real life. Incident took place when I was very sad and irritated about one deal. My three years old daughter came to me and calmed me down speaking: “Don’t worry, be happy!” At that moment, I’ve noticed that my kid has a big influence on me. For the first time, I understood that little child can teach me something.

The matter is that kids are not engaged in the routine of life. They can see more clearly without anger and prejudices.

Children are sincere and frank. I realized this when I was working as a teacher at the school. Young boys and girls feel when a professor wants to hide something from them. My job at school was a good lesson of children’s simplicity.

I strongly believe that with a help of child, we are able to refresh our point of view of the life. Every child will give you some hint if you are able to notice it.

Film review. The Founder (by John Hancock, 2016)

The interesting fact is that Ray Kroc isn’t poor man and he has only private reason to fight for a better future. This is different from another motivated movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” with Will Smith.


As they say, if you want success, figure out the price, then pay it. How much are you ready to pay for your success? The story about McDonald’s’chain achievement frightens me like the clown which is depicted on its logo.

Statistically, McDonald’s’ golden arches are recognized by more people than the cross. Today McDonald’s is a religion, new philosophical concept. If you want, it is the new American church which proclaims: feeding bodies, feeding souls.

The main hero Ray Kroc (Michal Keaton) repeats inspirational phrases of a successful business. He believes in persistence as a cleric believes in a sacred prayer word. But sometimes the persistence refers to perseverance in spite of partners or relatives. For him, the result is more important than a relationship. He recognizes the life as a battlefield where we have no chance for compassion or tenderness but only the ruthlessness and the rigidity. The life is a game in which the strongest wins. It is true to say that the film shows us the struggle of entrepreneurial capitalism and corporate expansion against intellectual property rights.

The interesting fact is that Ray Kroc isn’t poor man and he has only private reason to fight for a better future. This is different from another motivated movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” with Will Smith.

To cut the long story short “The Founder” is the story about two opposite outlooks. Two modest brothers love their work and devote a lot of time to it. In contrast this, Ray Kroc is just using a well-sounded brand.

Richard (Dick) and Maurice (Mac) McDonald symbolize a noble old generation. When Ray proposes a powdered milkshake as a way to reduce excessive costs, the brothers refuse to compromise the quality of their food. One of them, responding to offer an introduction of innovative artificial drink, says: “milk should be created from milk”. In return, Ray puts his attention only on shape but not on matter or content. Ultimately, he manipulates all the business of the brothers. He divorces and doesn’t give his wife any share of the profit. McDonald brothers aren’t paid their royalties from him. Ray Kroc shows a brutal attitude towards people throughout his career.

But I think it is not about morality it is about one of the world’s largest business. Allow me to remind you how brutal the brothers rejected Ray’s pieces of advice before. How often the brothers resist evolution and progress of the common business.

Frankly speaking, Ray Kroc is not supported by his wife. In other words, his spouse doesn’t come with his mindset. Maybe it is true that love is development and progress.

Let’s judge people by their fruits. Perhaps the world needs the man who thinks globally like Ray Kroc. Thanks to him, McDonald’s restaurants are found in 120 countries and serve 68 million customers each day and employing more than 375,000 people.

He pays a high price of a relationship for the success. Perhaps, it is worth it.

But here, standing in front of the mirror, he looks at himself and understands he is just a manager, organizer, only a businessman who has never been a true original founder. He is not Donald. He just stole their name. That’s why tears appeared on Gray’s eyes at the end of the film.

Who is the true founder? It is an open question.


Andriy Datskiv